Sports Podiatry

Sports podiatry an area of interest for all podiatrists working at Essendon Foot Clinic because all have been active participants in a range of different sports and all have sadly suffered injuries over the years ensuring they have great empathy with all they treat.

This broad sector of our practise focuses on treating foot and lower limb conditions that arise as a result of exercise and sport. Whilst the glamour component of this most challenging field involves elite professional athletes, the facts are most of our work is done with people of all ages from amateur backgrounds and those who are just out to get fit.

Whilst Bernard has been a Fellow of the Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine since 1997, the entire team has strong links with the AAPSM and Sports Medicine Australia, the peak body in the country for research and education in sports medicine.

The clinic focuses on the management of both foot and foot related injuries in the lower limb including, stress fractures, shin pain, patella-femoral syndrome, plantar plate pathology, achilles tendonitis and other forms of tendonitis, recalcitrant calf injuries, heel and plantar fascial injuries and ankle problems. We also work in close relationship with many other health professionals such as physiotherapists, sports physicians and osteopaths both locally in Essendon and surrounding areas, the CBD and other parts of Melbourne.