Footcare Products

There are a variety of foot care products available for purchase at Essendon Foot Clinic. If you are interested in or have any questions about the below products please do not hesitate to visit our clinic or give us a call on 93799224.

Archies Thongs and Slides

Archies Footwear are recommended by our podiatrists and look like your typical day-to-day thong or
slide. They were designed by a Melbourne-based physiotherapist as an alternative to flat thongs. This
footwear incorporates real arch support similar to that found in a typical orthotic, optimising comfort
beyond that of your regular thongs. We stock both women’s and men’s thongs and slides in a variety
of sizes and colours. Feel free to come into our clinic to try them out.

Steigen Socks: performance & blister prevention

Socks can play an essential role in your foot health and performance. At Essendon Foot Clinic we stock and sell Steigen running socks which assist athletic performance and blister prevention. The socks have a specialised design with properties including:

  • Seamless construction
  • Forefoot padding
  • Arch support
  • ‘Y’ shaped heel
  • Ultra-strong one-piece design
  • Tight strap = no toe-clawing


The SteriShoe is a device that has been clinically proven to kill and eliminate germs found in your shoes that cause common foot conditions including tinea pedis, fungal nails and shoe odour. The dark, moist environment of your shoes is the perfect breeding environment for bacteria and fungus. SteriShoes are often recommended by our Podiatrists as an adjunct treatment to prevent the possibility of re-infection.

Spiky Massage Ball

Do you suffer from sore and stiff muscles?

Massage balls, when used correctly, can be used to perform self-massage to reduce muscle tension and improve flexibility, which are often considered goals of treating musculoskeletal/sports injuries. Next time you are in speak to your podiatrist on whether a spiky ball would be suited for your use.