Orthotic Therapy

In recent years any number of different health professionals have taken on the duties of providing orthoses to their patients but how much of this most complicated of clinical therapies is actually covered in their primary training? Podiatrists have always been and will continue to be recognised as the true experts when diagnosing biomechanical pathology related to gait and the lower limbs and the providers of orthotic treatments to manage these conditions which include plantar fasciitis, shin pain, stress fractures, off-loading of pressure points/ulcers, abnormal footwear destruction, walking anomalies in children and plantar plate pain to name but a few.

Styles of orthoses vary dramatically and are prescribed in accordance with the patient’s individual needs. Some are firm and others are soft. Prescription orthoses can be used on patients of all ages and walks of life. Sportspeople, the elderly and young children all have significantly different needs that are understood by the team at Essendon Foot Clinic.

Essendon Foot Clinic also stocks a wide variety of “off the shelf” type orthoses such as Prothotics and Formthotics which both have application in many patients with less complex problems.

Expert pre-treatment assessments allow the correct type of orthotic therapy to be provided together with recommendation of the most suitable footwear to match the chosen devices including sporting footwear, safety footwear and even fashion footwear.

Braces, fixed ankle CAM walkers (Moon boots), post-op shoes, night splints and a wide range of other foot-related aids are always in stock at the clinic.

orthotic1-300x162 Orthotics given by a orthotic therapist in Essendon