General Footcare

What is “General Foot Care”?

At Essendon Foot Clinic we pride ourselves on the importance we place on general foot care. Provide relief to a person who has an ingrown toenail, a wart on the sole of their forefoot or an abscess under a dorsal corn on the 5th toe and allow them to maintain their mobility and comfort and then realise how important this field of work is in a general podiatry setting.

We know that it is the treatment of these small problems that often prevents more serious issues from developing. We all know the problems, cracked or fissured heels, excessive sweating and foot odour, callouses on the ball of the feet from too many high heeled shoes or a bleed under a nail from last night’s netball game, we offer care, advice and treatment for many different conditions. Most importantly the staff at Essendon Foot Clinic can offer advice to help stop these conditions from returning in the future to ensure happy and healthy feet.