Diabetes, a condition associated with the inability to control the level of glucose in the bloodstream, is regrettably becoming more common in modern day Australia. The underlying cause, or causes, of diabetes are complex, but it is fair to say that the effects it has on both the individual and the medical system in Australia can be significant.

Once a person has been diagnosed with diabetes, a number of health professionals become important in their day-to-day living to ensure this disease process does not compromise their lifestyle adversely. These include the endocrinologist (hormone specialists), GP, optometrist, dietician, diabetes educator and, importantly, the podiatrist.

Podiatrists are involved in the management of foot health in people with diabetes for two main reasons.

  • The impairment of peripheral circulation (microangiopathy), which increases the risk of tissue breakdown, poor response to healing and an inability to fight infection.
  • A reduction in peripheral sensation in the foot and lower leg (neuropathy) rendering sufferers unable to perceive pain stimulus from cuts, infections and other injuries.

Podiatrists at Essendon Foot Clinic are experienced in all aspects of diabetic care from wound management, routine palliative treatment and conducting diabetes assessments, which provides feedback to the GP and other health care professionals about the status of their patient’s foot health, circulation and sensory nerve function ensuring the early detection of any potential problems.

We will also offer our patients advice on issues such as appropriate footwear and hosiery, safe home treatment, implementation of daily foot checks, advice on exercise regimes and basic foot hygiene.

Please ask our staff about these services or discuss them with your Podiatrist when visiting Essendon Foot Clinic.