Complex Intervention & Surgery

Often the staff at Essendon Foot Clinic will encounter patients who present with conditions that are beyond the scope of simple, or even advanced, conservative clinical care.

On other occasions patients will present requesting treatment for foot pathology that although simple in nature, is best managed for better long-term outcomes with treatments we cannot provide.

Over the past two decades Essendon Foot Clinic has developed excellent relationships with a host of Medical Specialists who can provide these treatments.

Most commonly it is orthopaedic intervention for the management of structural deformities such as bunions, hammer/retracted toes, neuromas, fractures and tarsal coalitions. We have excellent links with the best foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeons and podiatric surgeons in Melbourne that can provide these services to all age groups from infants to our most senior clients.

Added to this are some of the state’s finest sports physicians, interventional radiologists, dermatologists, vascular surgeons, rheumatologists, sports and general physiotherapists and osteopaths which enables the staff at the Essendon Foot Clinic to refer on patients requiring more specialised management with the confidence that the highest quality care will be provided to them.

Please ask the podiatrist during your consultation for any further information you may require relating to these matters.